LongHorn Coffee Co. is a small batch roasting company located in San Angelo Texas. We started roasting coffee over 15 years ago in Tacoma Washington. Our first roaster consisted of a 6 oz electric table roaster and we would roast and grind our coffee for that day. Friends and family asked if we could roast some for them after they tried and tested my roasts. I had to move up to a larger roaster so I purchased a Soferno 2lb gas roaster which I still use today for special roasts. I really love this roaster because I can watch and smell each and every roast which allows me to personalize each and every roast. We currently roast with a MillCity 10 Kilo (22 pound) roaster. Each and every roast is roasted to LongHorn’s profile. Out of the beans we roast we have come up with 4 different blends.
The Concho Blend is our original blend and is a Medium roast.  Next we have the Pecos Blend which is a 3 bean Dark roast.  SnakeBite Blend, is a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans with 240 mg of caffeine per cup. Texas Heat is our newest blend, this is our Pecos Blend with 4 all natural spices, including just the right amount of cayenne pepper for the slow burn.

I hope you will try one or more of our roasts. I guarantee our proprietary roasting process yeidls a very low acid coffee allowing you to drink our blends all day without worry.