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Welcome to Long*Horn Coffee, home of the High Caffeine coffee Snakebite Blend. A small batch roast company located in San Angelo Texas. We are Veteran owned and operated. We have been roasting for over 10 years and decided to bring our Blends of coffee to the public. Our Arabica / Robusta coffee beans are fresh roasted 20 lbs at a time. We offer multiple blends including our “SnakeBite”  which has 2X the Caffeine. 

Our roast process ensures that most of the natural caffeine stays in your coffee, that’s why our snakebite high caffeine coffee has 2x the caffeine yet still maintains the excellent light flavor and low acid content. We have multiple flavors, wether you like dark, medium or light roast our hand picked beans roasted by U.S. Military Veteran Scott Deckers and his crew are sure to give you the best flavor!

Our roasting process and grade of bean equals LOW ACID, with blends that offer the lowest acid you will find in any other coffee. Money back guarantee if you find a lower acid coffee. No more acid reflux, no more heartburn with our coffee.. 

The vast majority of coffee is roasted commercially on a large scale, but the small-scale roast produces the best coffee . Check us out today & see why so many people who try our coffee say it is the best!

Our online store offers roast coffee beans, ground coffee, k-cups and gifts, all made right in the heart of Texas.If you are ever in San Angelo TX, make sure to stop in, try a cup and say hello!

Snake Bite is absolutely my favorite coffee. It’s extremely smooth, yet packs a big punch of natural caffeine. I recommend everyone try some of this stuff.

Michael Maris
High Caffeine Coffee Longhorn Coffee Co San Angelo TX coffee

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