All of our coffees are brewed with pride in San Angelo Texas.

Featured Items

1lb Bags

12 K Cups Box

  • Pecos, K-Cups (12 count) Dark roast

    2.0 K-cups. Pecos blend is our three bean dark roast blend, low acid and very smooth finish. Beans from Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe), Guatemala (Huehuetango) and Indonesia (Sumatra) are roasted and blended together for our Pecos Blend. We are a GO TEXAS company and proud to utilize the names of Texas rivers for our coffees. Only Grade 1 beans are used and our coffee is always roasted to perfection.
  • Snakebite is a 5 bean blend of 2 robusta and 3 arabica beans, Very light roast with a great taste and almost 3 times the Caffeine. We blend 5 different beans and the roast them to perfection for this High Caffeine coffee. Very low acid and a great finish.
  • Concho Blend 2.0 k-cups 12 ct box. Our 2 bean blend of beans from Indonesia and Guatemala roasted to perfection and hand blended for the perfect cup.

28 K Cups Box

Gift Baskets & Assorted Bags

  • Large Assorted Longhorn Coffee Gift Basket. Basket contains 3 each 5 oz bags of coffee or assorted K-cups, 2 LongHorn coffee cups with lids, 2 biscoti and alot of LOVE! Perfect for a gift or use for silent auctions at events. Will pack and ship anywhere. Please indicate in comments whether bags or K-cups.
  • Longhorn Coffee Gift Basket (small). Basket includes 1 LongHorn coffee cup with lid, 3 5 oz bags of coffee or assorted K-cups and 2 biscoti.  Please choose between bags of coffee or K-cups in comments.

  • 15 - 1 Pot Bags. Contains 5 each of SnakeBite, Concho and Pecos (15 packages) of our blends and each pack is enough for a 10 cup brewer. Easy to use, no measuring and great taste.
  • Try all 3 of our low acid blends with the Triple sample bags. Pecos is our 3 bean Dark Roast blend, Concho is our 2 bean Medium Roast blend and Snakebite is our 6 bean High Caffeine blend. Each bag contains 5.5 oz of fresh roasted coffee. Have a different type of coffee each day with this sample bag offer.